We are proud to be the pioneers and the best on solar panel cleaning services!

Reynolds’ Solar Panel Cleaning, LLC. was born from the fact that many residents in California needed help keeping their solar panels cleaned throughout the year.

Reynolds’ Solar Panel Cleaning is Fully Licensed and Insured

Our team members are 100% trained, insured and licensed. We also perform background screens to all of our team members. We strive to provide EXCELLENT five-star service. Please Read Our Reviews Here

Reynolds’ Solar Panel Cleaning have performed large scale research resulting on the fact that clean solar panels IMPROVES performance, saving you about 20% of energy production, therefore, we provide packages that include several cleanings throughout the year at a price you can afford.


We work with you in order to save you money and provide you with affordable and high quality service.

Tap water or rain will not clean your power panels and it will not increase power production.

We provide detailed and professional solar panel cleaning services to California residents, corporations, office buildings, industrial buildings, farms, etc. at an affordable price because we are interested on save you money, earn your trust and build long time relationships with you. Find out more about our pricing here or call 707-761-6197